User profile

If you know the user's gender and/or birthday, you can share them with us so that we can suggest better matching apps to the user.

  function() {
    // successfully sent the profile information to adjoe
  function(err) {
    // an error occurred while sending the profile information to adjoe

The parameters to this call are as follows:

  • String source: A short description where you got the user's profile information from, e.g. 'facebook', 'google', 'user_input', ...

  • String gender: The gender of the user. Must be one of male, female or unknown.

  • String birthday: The birthday of the user in the format yyyy-MM-dd. In case you only now the user's year of birth but not the month or day, you can set these fields to 01 (e.g. 1990-01-01).

This method call has no effect if the SDK is not initialized, user has not accepted the adjoe Terms of Service or is blocked by the adjoe services.


You can pass two optional Sub-IDs when you send the user profile: window.AdjoePlugin.setProfileWithSubIDs(source, gender, birthday, '<subId1>', '<subId2>', success, error).