Playtime Access

The Playtime feed contains the apps which the users can install and use to gain rewards. It is contained in a separate activity.

Launching Playtime

To launch Playtime, call


This will launch the AdjoeActivity displaying the adjoe ad feed.

If you need to know in advance whether the user can access Playtime or not, you can call Adjoe.canShowOfferwall(). This method will return a Future which succeeds with a boolean parameter. This parameter is set to true if you can launch Playtime and false otherwise.

Before the user can interact with the partner apps on the ad feed, he has to accept the adjoe Terms of Service and grant your app permission to track the usage of other apps in his phone settings.

Adjoe Parameters

You can pass additional UA and placement parameters when you launch Playtime:

AdjoeParams params = new AdjoeParams()
    ..uaNetwork = 'network'
    ..uaChannel = 'channel'
    ..uaSubPublisherCleartext = 'cleartext'
    ..haSubPublisherEncrypted = 'encrypted'
    ..placement = 'placement';

teaser_shown event

You should send the teaser_shown event when the user can see the teaser, e.g. the button via which he can access the adjoe SDK from the SDK App. Trigger this event when the teaser has been successfully rendered and would successfully redirect the user to the adjoe SDK. It should be triggered regardless of whether the user has actually clicked the teaser or not. This event is mostly appropriate for uses, in which the functionality of the SDK App and SDK are kept separate to a relevant degree.


The params parameter for the AdjoeParams is optional.

Best practices for teaser_shown event

It's always good to check if the Playtime can be launched for the user before showing the teaser button.

if (Adjoe.canShowOfferwall()) {
    // Show the teaser button.