User profile

If you know the user's gender and/or birthday, you can share them with us so that we can suggest better matching apps to the user.
-- set the gender
local gender = "male" -- "male", "female" or "other"
-- set the birthday
-- note that if you don't know the user's exact birthday, the year is already enough
-- in string yyyy-MM-dd format
local birthday = "1985-03-05"
-- where did you get the user's profile information from? "facebook", "google", ...
local source = ""
-- send the profile information to adjoe
Adjoe.SetProfile(source, gender, birthday, nil)
This method call has no effect if the SDK is not initialized, the user has not accepted the adjoe Terms of Service or is blocked by the adjoe services.

Adjoe Parameters

You can pass additional UA and placement parameters when you send the user profile:
local adjoeParams = Adjoe.NewAdjoeParams()
Adjoe.SetProfile(source, gender, birthday, adjoeParams)
Last modified 1yr ago