Reporting bugs

Hopefully this documentation has not left you clueless. However, if you still have any questions or run into an issue please let us know and we are more than ready to assist.

Before contacting us, please have a look at the list of known issues below. Maybe this already resolves your issue.

If not and you still need help with an issue, please always include the following information in your request so we can help you as quickly as possible:

  • The version of the SDK you are using (e.g. 1.2.4).

  • The model (e.g. Google Pixel 3), Android version (e.g. 28) and GAID (e.g. 11111111-2222-4333-4444-5555555555) of your device.

  • A detailed explanation of the issue (in general: the more details the better).

  • Any stacktraces/logs which you think could be connected to the issue, especially all those which contain io.adjoe.sdk.

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