Adjoe SDK

What is the adjoe SDK?

The adjoe SDK will allow you to integrate our ad formats into your app to monetize your reach easily and effectively.

"Playtime" is a unique advertising format, which rewards users for installing and continuously using apps from our advertising partners. Clicking on any ad displayed in the Playtime feed will bring the user to the Play Store. By playing this advertised app, users receive rewards in your app - the more they play, the more they earn! And, of course, you also earn money for every install generated through users of your app.


This is a short list of terms that will occur in the documentation and which might be unfamiliar to you or which we might use in another way as you maybe know them.


Our code fragments you need to integrate in your app to earn money via adjoe's ad formats. This documentation guides you through the integration process.


The app in which you integrate the adjoe SDK.

Playtime Apps

Partnes apps that are rewarded based on time and usage. Available only if user allow your app to track his app usage.

Advance Apps

Partner apps that are rewarded based on Levels achieved. Available if user didn't allow your app to track his app usage.

Sign-up Process

Before the user can use the adjoe SDK with all its functionalities, he has to sign up. He has to accept adjoe's Terms of Service and optionally allow your app to track his app usage. Only signed-up users (i.e. users who successfully accepted Terms of Service) can install partner apps. If the user allow your app to track his app usage, the user can install Playtime Apps, otherwise the user can install Advance Apps. Check with your Adjoe's representative for more details.


The place in which we show our ads to your users. These ads are for other apps. Playtime or Advance Apps are displayed in a separate activity and can be launched via Adjoe.showOfferwall.

Partner App

An app advertised in Playtime/Advance. Users can earn rewards by installing and playing these apps and you earn money for every user install.

App Usage

adjoe rewards your users for the amount of time they use partner apps. For this to work, we need to be able to track the usage of the partner apps. Thus, the sign-up process includes a step in which the user can allow this in his phone settings. Once the user has spent enough time in another app, his app usage results in a reward payout. The amount of time required to reach a payout via a partner app can be individually defined per SDK app.


A virtual currency in your app which the user receives after continuously playing a partner app. Users qualify for rewards repeatedly after playing the partner app for specified amounts of time.


The process of redeeming the rewards. Once a reward is paid out, it cannot be paid out again.

Adjoe Parameters

These parameters are related to User Acquisition and Playtime placement. You can pass them with many requests (as specified below). By passing this information to us, you can aggregate your statistics by these individual parameters when evaluating the performance of the Playtime in your app, for example: the different placements of the adjoe button via which users have accessed Playtime, and the UA source. You can pass any of these parameters (Network, Channel, SubPublisherCleartext, SubPublisherEncrypted or Placement) independently. A brief description of each parameter is given below.

UA Network

The network which the user was acquired from, e.g. adwords, facebook, organic

UA Channel

The channel of the campaign in the network where the user was acquired, e.g. incent, video

UA Sub Publisher Encrypted

The encrypted package name or app id of the sub-publisher app in the network where the user was acquired.

UA Sub Publisher Cleartext

The cleartext package name of app id of the sub publisher app in the network where the user was acquired, e.g. com.domain.appName


The placement of Playtime inside your app, e.g. "Main Screen", "Shop", "Interstitial", "More Diamonds Screen", etc.

The Adjoe Parameters Strings each have a maximum length of 64 characters.